About Dr Tocci

Dr Emil takes an integrative and holistic approach to healthcare with a key focus on discovering underlying causes to health challenges and provides natural ways to remedy them. Dr. Emil uses his clinical experience, cutting edge protocols, lab testing, and his years of expert knowledge to provide a truly customized program that will get you started on your health journey.

About Amanda

Amanda is a health and wellness enthusiast who has been working in the health food industry for over 4 years. She is a certified virtual Health Consultant and has earned a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition. With a passion for health and nutrition, Amanda is an expert in creating easy ways for people to make healthier lifestyle changes. Amanda has spent the past few years studying the influence of diet as it relates to function, disease prevention and high performance and is constantly learning cutting edge approaches to improve health in partnership with her husband, Dr. Emil.

As you get older, are you feeling you just don't have that same level of energy, focus and drive?

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